what i do . . .

OPERATIONS, LOGISTICS, and MANAGEMENT create and maintain workflows that either introduce efficiency or unnecessary hurdles. Time is still money, and where we waste time, we waste money. A mismanaged life-changing product will flutter and die before a single life is changed and a well-functioning business will implement it in time, and profit on what we couldn’t manage. Visionaries see the final result, but their support system within sees the packaged product backward to its birth as an idea in your head. The right questions are asked. Challenges are presented. Plans are formed. Debriefing is a regular practice. Budgets are created. Project plans are executed.

BRANDING, MARKETING, and SOCIAL MEDIA communicate messages of their own. Whether or not that content effectively conveys the intended message is one aspect of things, but we must remain cognizant that the age and space we live in allows our clients and prospective supporters to have us under a constant microscope. In seconds, news good and bad alike is being liked, shared, screenshotted, screen recorded, commented on, and digested. Mistakes are amplified. Successes are imitated. Information is disseminated. How you manage your public and digital faces will make or break your brand, and your brand has an immediate effect on your bottom line. 

BUDGETS, FUNDRAISING, and FINANCES are the lifelines of a successful organization. Who’s asking is this feasible? Is there anyone keeping checks and balances on a project to project or year to year basis? What has to be tabled for a later date and what needs immediate attention? How are we engaging new clients, investors, and partners to increase our portfolio? What checks and balances are in place to be sure that we do not overspend and under budget?