For funders, a grant award is an investment in positive change. Grants are meant to create impact, rather than simply disperse money.


A few things to remember when prospecting grants:

  • Start small, start early. - should not be your first stop on your journey to grant money. Look into smaller community grants that are less stringent as you develop your brand, and identify funders that suit you and vice versa.

  • Who got funded? What was funded? - Look into recent recipients of the grant you want. Dissect the program that was funded. Decide if you're a BEST-fit to apply.

  • Numbers don't lie. - Tangible impact is what counts. How many people have you helped? How can bring a return on investment of funder's dollars?



For nonprofits, the real intent of a grant proposal is to rally the necessary resources to help the nonprofit fulfill its purpose.

Grant writing can be a tedious and often times long-range process, but select fundraising efforts can begin almost immediately. We build a variety of custom-campaigns from direct mailing to sponsorship to in-kind donations. Fundraising is often viewed as friend-raising as it is often relationship-based. In avoiding the specificity of grants, fundraising's "looser" environment demands solid, reciprocal relationships are established. Much like relationships in our personal lives, business relationships are cultivated through time, trust, and reciprocity.


What makes an organization a nonprofit is directly related to its purpose, ownership, and public support. Building relationships in your community and industry will be catalysts for your organization's growth. Be sure your message is concise, but one that is worth committing to memory.


Charitable organizations, like for-profit entities, exist to create revenue. How it is dispersed, is the major differing factor between the two business types. Don't be so mission-minded that you fail to execute industry best practices. Make as much revenue as you can, and with it, touch as many lives as you can. 

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