"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."

Theodore Roosevelt

Why nonprofit?

Rooted in charismatic mission-based movements and the business acumen of corporate America, Armond Banks identified a gap between the purposeful work of the 21st century nonprofit and its business practices. In many sects, leaders of nonprofit organizations devote a great deal of their focus to the grassroots interests of their community, but in order to find sustained success as a nonprofit organization, there must be additional efforts dedicated to real-world practices and industry leading trends.  


Armond stands to align nonprofit organizations possessing a 501c3 status with practical solutions, in efforts to help them operate more effectively as it relates to the finances, marketing, operations/logistics, and leadership of a nonprofit.



What about for-profit entities?

Although Armond has pursued additional training and education in the nonprofit sector, he has extensive work with for-profit companies and continues to help them create a more succinct message across varying platforms. At the end of the day, the goal of the nonprofit as well as the for-profit is to generate as much income as possible. The avenues to that mutual goal are quite uniquely distinct, but the overarching focus remains the same. In short, same principles, different paths.  


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Master of Professional Studies in Urban Missions |  2020

Nyack College

New York, New York


Certificate in Grant Writing  |  2017

The University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia


Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts  |  2013

Marymount Manhattan College

New York, New York



e: alb@armondbanks.com

p: +1 216 201 1047​​

ig: armond.banks